Términos & Privacidad


These General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Storage ("Terms") govern the use, by User, of the Website and the Application in order to contract the services provided by M3storage. By contracting and using the services provided by M3storage, User automatically acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the Terms hereof. 

1. Definitions 

Application: M3storage mobile app, in which your Services are offered; Parties: M3storage, User. 

Rental Agreement: the agreement to be entered into between User and M3storage upon renting the Storage. 

Storage: the physical location, each with private access, rented by M3storage to the User for self-storage. 

Services: services consistent in the rental of a Storage, for storage and removal of goods; 

User: any person who uses the Application or the Website in order to access the Storage, be it the person who entered into the Rental Agreement or any additional person authorized to do so as a result of access granted under the Application or the Website. 

Website: the URL or other virtual or digital address of M3storage, either through the Internet or by application, where the User registers and chooses the Storage for rental; 

2. Object 

2.1. The use of the Storage by User is subject to the terms and conditions herein. User acknowledges and agrees that he/she shall use the Storage in agreement with the terms and conditions hereof. 

3. User Registration 

3.1. The User will register through the Website and will provide all the information requested accurately and truthfully, in particular regarding his/her identity and contact details. The User also agrees to inform M3storage of any change in any of the registered information.


3.2. Any incomplete or inaccurate information will be rejected by M3storage and User will be denied access to the Storage. 

3.3. M3storage may, at any time and at its discretion, suspend, cancel, or permanently delete, the access of a User with incomplete or erroneous registration data. 

3.4. User agree to be notified at any time during the registration or at any time thereafter via email, SMS and/or Whatsapp. 

4. Access and password 

4.1. User will access his/her account through login and password, which are personal and non-transferable and must be kept confidential. The User undertakes not to share his/her login and password to third parties and to maintain the same confidentiality at all times. The User will be solely responsible for the operations carried out on his/her account. 

4.2. In case of loss, misuse or suspected misuse of his/her account, User must notify M3storage immediately in writing at the email appearing on Website or via phone, message or WhatsApp at the numbers given on the Website. In response, M3storage will block User's account until the proper identity of User can be proven. 

5. Payments and collection 

5.1. User shall pay all amounts in the Rental Agreement when due. The failure by User to make such payments will result in M3storage suspending the services until all payments are received in full. 

6. Storage Limitation 

6.1. The use of the Storage may be limited because of its size, its location or permitted hours of operations. User is required to ensure that the characteristics of the Storage, as detailed in the Website, match the use he/she intends to make of the Storage. The characteristics of the Storage are detailed on the Website https://m3storage.com. 

6.2. Additional limitations may exist which may be detailed in the Rental Agreement. User agrees to be bound by the terms of the Rental Agreement. 

7. User Liability and Prohibited Goods 

7.1. User acknowledges and agrees that storage of the following types of goods is prohibited in the Storage: (i) illicit items and other products the commerce of which is prohibited by law; (ii) fresh and/or perishable food or products that cannot be stored at room temperature and require climate controlled or refrigerated storage; (iii) explosives, firearms or any other weapons,

flammable or hazardous materials, toxic or infectious substances, blood or blood products and dangerous goods; (iv) all items prohibited by the International Transportation Association, International Civil Aviation Organization or any relevant governmental authority or under any applicable law or regulation; (v) human or animal remains; (vi) live animals; (vii) currency of any country, check or any other security that matters in payment; (viii) personal documents issued by government authorities, such as ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, birth certificates, etc.; (ix) original copies of any electronic record, drawing, document or engraving; (x) documents containing confidential information; (xi) metals and precious stones; (xii) fragile objects such as crystals, porcelain and crockery, and (xiii) any package that is not properly packed. 

7.2. If M3storage identifies goods that fall into those listed above, M3storage reserves the right to take appropriate administrative and/or judicial measures, including disposal where applicable. 

8. Withdrawal of goods 

8.1. User must remove all goods stored in the Storage prior to terminating the Rental Agreement. Otherwise M3storage may need to ship and to store the goods into a distribution and storage center, which may generate extra costs or other charges that will be passed on to User. 

9. Notifications 

9.1. Any communication must be through the email address or the phone number posted ny M3storage on the Website. 

10. Limitation of Liability 

10.1. User uses the Storage at its own and sole responsibility. M3storage is not responsible for any consequence of User using the Storage, except for those risks specifically covered by the policy carried by M3storage. Insurance policies carried by M3storage are available to User by simple request to M3storage. 

10.2. In no event will M3storage be responsible for possible consequences for User not being able to access its Storage, including loss of revenue or profit or any other loss. 

11. Confidential Information, User Security, and Privacy Policy 

11.1. M3storage will make its best efforts to treat all information provided by User confidential, except when required by law.

11.3. User acknowledges and agrees that information and data about User and it use of the Application, the Website and the Storage might be used for the following purposes: (a) to communicate with User and to provide the Services; (b) to respond to any questions and requests by User; (c) to provide access to the restricted area of the Site and Application or its unique functionality; (d) to comply with a legal or judicial order; (e) to constitute, defend or exercise its rights and to protect its interests; (f) to elaborate general statistics and to improve its Service; (g) to ensure the safety of all users; (h) to maintain up-to-date users information and database and to inform authorized property owners and personnel, including personnel involved with the security of the building where the Storage is located; (i) to inform about news, promotions and events of M3storage and its business partners, and (j) to perform any analysis and to generate any action to prevent crimes and/or fraud. 

11.4. M3storage undertakes to fully comply at all times with all laws, regulations and practices of the place of Storage, including in matters related to data protection legislations.

11.5. User have the right to request data erasure. In case User want his data to be erased he should write an email to [email protected] including the subject “Solicitud de borrado de datos”. Indicating User registration e-mail and user identification. We can request extra information in order to prove User identity and then we will proceed to inform of the process status in the User e-mail inbox.

12. General Provisions 

12.1. The Terms are subject to change without notice in cases where M3storage might be bound by the law or the regulations of specific Storage places. 

12.2. The Service involves trademarks, patents, copyright laws and intellectual properties that are or may be protected by law. User is not allowed to use or seek to use any property of M3storage without the prior written consent of a legal representative of M3storage. Misuse and reproduction of all or part of such content are prohibited, unless expressly authorized by M3storage. 

12.3. The Terms are governed by the laws of place of Storage. Any dispute arising therefrom will be settled by the competent Courts.


13. Contact Us

13.1. If you have any questions about this document, You can contact us:

By email: [email protected]
By visiting this page on our website: https://m3storage.cl/paginas/11-contacto.html